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How to Fix a Garage Door That Won't Open All the Way in Sonoma County - Santa Rosa Garage Doors

Jul 31

A garage door that refuses to open all the way can be a significant inconvenience and cause frustration for homeowners in Sonoma County. If you find yourself struggling with a partially opening garage door in Santa Rosa or its surrounding areas, fear not! Santa Rosa Garage Doors is here to guide you through troubleshooting and fixing the issue. In this blog, we'll provide step-by-step solutions to address common problems that cause a garage door to malfunction. Whether you need assistance with garage door installation, garage door repair, garage door sensors, or a broken spring, our expert team is ready to assist you.

1. Check for Obstructions:

Start by examining the area around your garage door's path. Look for any obstructions, such as debris, branches, or toys blocking the door's movement. Clearing these obstructions could be the simple fix your garage door needs to open all the way.

2. Inspect the Garage Door Sensors: 

Garage doors come equipped with safety sensors that detect obstacles in the door's path. These sensors can sometimes misalign, causing the door to stop opening. Ensure the sensors are clean, properly aligned, and not obstructed. Gently clean the sensors and adjust their alignment if needed.

3. Check the Garage Door Springs: 

Garage door springs are essential components that support the door's weight and assist in smooth operation. If a spring is broken or damaged, it can prevent the door from opening correctly. Broken springs are dangerous to handle yourself, so leave it to the professionals at Santa Rosa Garage Doors to replace them safely.

4. Lubricate Moving Parts: 

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal garage door performance. Lubricate the rollers, tracks, hinges, and other moving parts with a high-quality lubricant. Proper lubrication can significantly improve the door's movement.

5. Inspect the Garage Door Opener Settings:

 The garage door opener has settings that control how far the door opens and closes. If these settings are incorrect, the door may not open fully. Check the user manual for your opener to adjust the limit settings accurately. Santa Rosa Garage Doors can help you calibrate the opener properly if you need assistance.

6. Examine the Garage Door Tracks:

 Inspect the garage door tracks for any signs of damage or misalignment. Bent or damaged tracks can disrupt the door's smooth operation. If you notice any issues with the tracks, our expert technicians can repair or replace them promptly.


A garage door that won't open all the way can be a frustrating problem. Still, with the help of these troubleshooting tips from Santa Rosa Garage Doors, you can often resolve the issue on your own. Always prioritize safety and avoid handling complex issues like broken springs yourself. Our professional team is just a phone call away for any garage door installation, repair, or maintenance needs in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa. Contact Santa Rosa Garage Door today for reliable and efficient solutions to keep your garage door functioning flawlessly and restore convenience to your daily life.