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Commercial Painters

May 31

It's easy to give a home a brand new look with paint. This is not a project that homeowners can do themselves. It's a complex task that requires professional knowledge. Luckily, there are many professionals that can take on this task for you. Commercial Painters Northgate, are the professionals you need.

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your house or business can give it a new lease on life and increase its curb appeal. Professional painters are able to do the job right, whether you want a fresh coat on your garage door or repaint the entire house. They are experienced in working with a wide range of surfaces and materials including stucco and wood, vinyl or aluminium siding, brick, and cedar shingles.

Painting your home is a major project that requires professional assistance to ensure the final product is flawless and meets quality standards. Professional painters have the necessary skills to prepare surfaces, apply paint and touch-up areas as needed. They can provide additional services, like skim coat to achieve a smooth glass-like surface. They can make suggestions on the colors that will look best in your home and how they will coordinate with your furniture. They will complete the job at a time convenient to you.

Interior Painting

The colors that you select for the interior of your home or place of business will have a significant impact on the overall appearance and feel. Commercial Painters Northgate is able to help, whether you're looking to update your room with new colors or to make it more appealing to tenants.

The cost of interior painting will vary depending on factors such as the size and condition the room is in, and any repairs that need to be made. The type of materials and paint used, the wall coverage, as well as any special requests (such a trompe-l'oeil or a mural) can also affect the price.

CertaPro Painters will also install baseboards on your walls, crown moldings around doors, and wainscoting for a customized interior. They can stain concrete and create epoxy coatings to increase durability and aesthetic appeal. They use low VOC paints for reducing paint fumes.

Staircase Painting

The staircase is a great place to create a focal point in your home. You can achieve this by using a vibrant, bold color that you don't use in other parts of your home or by adding texture to the stairs.

When painting your staircase it is important to use a high-quality paint that is designed for floors or stairs. Speak with an employee at the local paint store about a recommended product. You can use an oil based floor paint that is more durable than water based options.

Start by lightly sanding all the railings. Wipe the area down with a damp cloth and apply a primer, which will help the finish coats of paint to adhere. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and let the primer dry. Once the primer is dry, mask off the walls that surround the staircase. Then paint the steps.

Stucco Repair

Stucco adds beauty to a house, but if it's cracked or crumbling and not properly painted, it may cause dampness or leaks. It's important to find a professional who knows how to properly repair and paint stucco surfaces.

Start by using an ice chisel or hammer, and be careful not damage the wooden lath. Once you've removed all the loose stucco and broken pieces, you can then use a wire scrubber to clean the area.

With the cracks cleaned out, use a trowel to apply stucco repair compound to each area. After the patch is dried, paint the area using a waterbased exterior paint in the same color as your home. The elasticity in the new stucco will allow it to expand and contract with temperature changes, so it won't create any more cracks or leaking.