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What working parents need from their managers

Apr 8

Every week, we scan the news to find trends in the hotel industry. This week's topic: What parents who work want from their managers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in America, at least one parent is employed in at least 80 percent of American families. This means that at least 16% of the 63 million households have at least one parent who is employed.

Given the current labor problems, it is vital to retain and engage this large portion of the workforce. This is the best job board for restaurants looking to hire working parents. It can be a great source for talent and can show that you are committed to the workplace culture. These are important facts to remember:

What expectations do working parents have of their managers?


This job is in high demand for nearly all job seekers. Working parents should be flexible with their work hours. This can be achieved in many ways. Flexibility is not just for parents, but for the whole team.


Parents who have children or are close to them know how hard it is to be a parent. Parents who work have to be understanding and patient. Unexpected problems with children can sometimes arise. Sometimes parents who are employed may have to leave the workplace or call off work in order to address unexpected problems. While this is not always possible for all parents, understanding and flexibility can help them be less stressed at work and stay on the team.

A staffing partner can provide better care for parents.

For businesses that are able to support working parents, a partnership with a staffing agency could be an option. LGC, a staffing agency, can dispatch workers quickly to parents for emergency calls or last-minute needs. This relieves some parents of the stress they might feel dealing with unexpected problems. This is a great way for employees to retain their jobs and allow them the flexibility they require.

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